Ratio Six coffee maker on a kitchen counter

Ratio Six Coffee Maker Review

The Ratio Six has its own compelling features and brings a top-tier brewing experience at a more approachable price point than its big brother, the Ratio Eight.

View insider a coffee grinder at its well-seasoned burrs

Grinder Seasoning: What’s The Point?

Grinder seasoning is the act of grinding through a batch of low-quality coffee to smooth out the harsh edges on your burrs and encourage grind consistency.

Three women drinking coffee in the office from a keurig machine

5 Best Keurig Coffee Machines for Office Use

We all know the office runs on caffeine, so a great coffee maker is absolutely essential. Gone are the days of stale drip coffee, made the way only Dave likes it, from a machine that never gets properly cleaned. Single-serve coffee machines are popular, approachable and inherently versatile. Many even make hot chocolate. They make … Read more

Breville Barista Pro on left and Breville Dual Boiler espresso machine on right

Breville Barista Pro vs. Dual Boiler

The Breville Barista Pro is a home espresso machine that looks professional, while the Dual Boiler is a commercial-grade machine you can put in your home.

Breville Bambino Plus on the left and Barista Express on the right

Breville Bambino Plus vs. Barista Express

The compact Breville Bambino Plus doesn’t come in with a built-in grinder like the Barista Express, but maybe that presents an opportunity.

Person enjoying cup of coffee on a boat after using one of the best coffee makers for boats

12 Best Coffee Makers for Boats

From the AeroPress to the Hamilton Beach Coffee Urn, this list of 12 coffee makers is bound to have a device that’s perfect for your next boat trip.

One of the best latte cups

The Best Latte Cups Out There Right Now

This list of latte cups is bound to have something that fits your preferences – whether you like to do latte art or just want to keep your drink hot.