cluster of coffee beans

Choosing Your Coffee Beans

Your choice of coffee beans is a pivotal factor in determining the quality of your cup.

Beans are more than just an ingredient. They’re the heart and soul of every coffee experience. They shape the body, aroma, and flavor profile of your brew.

When you choose coffee beans, the three most important aspects to consider are freshness, roast level and quality.

Coffee mug on its side with dark roast coffee beans spilling out amid a plume of smoke


white coffee beans laid out next to medium roast beans

Roast Level

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Click on the images above to learn in detail about these three factors that have such an outsized influence on the taste and overall excellence of your coffee.

Your journey to an exceptional cup of coffee is deeply intertwined with the beans you choose. Taking the time to understand and select the right beans can elevate your coffee experience to new heights.

The next time you’re brewing a cup, remember the magic that lies in the beans.

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Coffee mug on its side with dark roast coffee beans spilling out amid a plume of smoke

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