The AeroPress is a versatile and convenient device that uses a unique combination of pressure and immersion brewing, giving you a smooth, rich, clean cup of coffee with minimal fuss. It’s ideal for backpackers, busy professionals and home coffee enthusiasts alike.

Coffee brewing in an inverted AeroPress

This handy little gadget is a relative newcomer to the coffee scene, invented in 2005 by the same man who invented the Aerobie flying ring. Alan Adler designed the AeroPress with the goal of producing a simple and efficient brewing method that could produce a great-tasting cup of coffee quickly.

AeroPress coffee maker on its side

The AeroPress has earned a dedicated following among coffee lovers worldwide for its simplicity and consistently high quality brew. Its portability, ease of use and quick brewing time make it an especially popular choice for coffee enthusiasts on the go.

How To Brew With an AeroPress

To get the best results when brewing with an AeroPress, keep a timer handy and heat your water to between 175-190 F.

  1. Grind the coffee: 17 grams should be about right. Grind to a texture slightly finer than sea salt.
  2. Assemble your AeroPress: Place a paper filter in the cap and rinse it with hot water to eliminate the papery taster and help the filter cap stick to the cap.
  3. Add coffee: Screw the cap onto the end of the chamber and place it directly onto your mug, cap facing down. Pour the ground coffee into the chamber from above.
  4. Add water: Pour hot water into the AeroPress chamber, filling it up to the number 4 level. Stir gently for about 10 seconds.
  5. Brew and press: Insert the plunger and press down gently but firmly. The ideal pressing time is about 20 seconds.
  6. Enjoy: Once you’ve pressed all the water through, your coffee is ready. Enjoy it as is, or add water or milk to taste.

That’s the standard method of brewing with an AeroPress. Once you’ve mastered it, give the inverted method a try.

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