About Bean Poet

Coffee can always be better.

I used to be happy to drink whatever was in the pot. Some days, I still am. We all have those days. But most of us have also, at some point or another, stumbled into a superior cup of coffee that made us say, “Wow, that’s good coffee. I wish my coffee was always that good.”

Bean Poet arose from my desire to make that kind of coffee.

I worked as a journalist for 22 years. Drank a lot of coffee. Also spent a lot of time learning things and then explaining them to people.

Now I work at a major research university, where my job involves translating complex science into language anyone can understand.

With Bean Poet, I’m trying to put all this stuff together in a way that helps you enjoy your coffee more. We’ll cover beans, brewing methods, products and equipment — all with the aim of giving you greater command over your coffee.

And we’ll do it without talking down to you. The world of coffee, specialty coffee in particular, can be a little indimidating to newcomers. I promise you won’t find any coffee snobs here at Bean Poet—but if you want to become one, this isn’t a bad place to start.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, my inbox is open.

— Erik Rolfsen, Editor