You’ll Never Guess What Finns Put In Their Coffee

Picture yourself in a quaint Finnish cottage, a fire crackling in the background and snow gently falling outside. You’ve just been handed a steaming mug of coffee, and then the unthinkable happens: Your host drops a chunk of cheese into your coffee. As you gasp in surprise, your host merely smiles and says, “Kaffeost.” What … Read more

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Hands picking through exotic coffee beans on a tray

Exotic Coffee Beans From Around The World

These exotic coffee beans are cultivated in far corners of the globe and bring a diverse array of tastes and aromas that you won’t find in your everyday cup of joe.

View insider a coffee grinder at its well-seasoned burrs

Grinder Seasoning: What’s The Point?

Grinder seasoning is the act of grinding through a batch of low-quality coffee to smooth out the harsh edges on your burrs and encourage grind consistency.

Why Coffee Doesn’t Wake You Up

If your coffee isn’t waking you up, you’re not alone. Let’s explore some reasons why that boost eludes some coffee drinkers.

Three women drinking coffee in the office from a keurig machine

5 Best Keurig Coffee Machines for Office Use

We all know the office runs on caffeine, so a great coffee maker is absolutely essential. Gone are the days of stale drip coffee, made the way only Dave likes it, from a machine that never gets properly cleaned. Single-serve coffee machines are popular, approachable and inherently versatile. Many even make hot chocolate. They make … Read more