Breville Smart Grinder Pro review

Our Review Of The Breville Smart Grinder Pro

Breville’s Smart Grinder Pro has the potential to further modernize the kitchen of every coffee lover. The technological capabilities of this machine, with its powerful motor—not to mention the streamlined design— will improve your kitchen aesthetic while allowing you to indulge your coffee habit. Our in-depth Smart Grinder Pro review looks at the pros and … Read more

Cold brewing coffee in a French press

5 Coffee Beans We Recommend For Cold Brew

You could always make cold brew from the same beans you use for your regular coffee, but these brands roasted specifically for cold brew will make a big difference.

Red eye coffee being brewed on an espresso machine

A Red Eye Coffee Can Overcome Almost Any Morning

Red eye coffee is popular among those who need a powerful caffeine fix to keep them wide awake. It’s a simple drink to make, which makes it perfect for the occasion it’s intended for: a foggy-headed morning.

A shiny glass Chemex sitting on a kitchen counter

A Guide To Cleaning Your Chemex

As cool as it looks, the Chemex’s hourglass shape can make it challenging to clean. Here are some tips to keep that glass sparking.

A hand pulling a jar of cold brew coffee concentrate ot of a refrigerator

Can You Heat Cold Brew Coffee?

Yes, you can heat cold brew coffee. It is concentrated, so adding hot water simply heats it up and dilutes it to make it more like a typical cup of coffee.