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Grinder Seasoning: What’s The Point?

Grinder seasoning is the act of grinding through a batch of low-quality coffee to smooth out the harsh edges on your burrs and encourage grind consistency.

Three women drinking coffee in the office from a keurig machine

5 Best Keurig Coffee Machines for Office Use

We all know the office runs on caffeine, so a great coffee maker is absolutely essential. Gone are the days of stale drip coffee, made the way only Dave likes it, from a machine that never gets properly cleaned. Single-serve coffee machines are popular, approachable and inherently versatile. Many even make hot chocolate. They make … Read more

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The Best Latte Cups Out There Right Now

This list of latte cups is bound to have something that fits your preferences – whether you like to do latte art or just want to keep your drink hot.

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Your Guide To Chinese Coffee Culture

China has been slow to adopt coffee culture, but it’s now the fastest-growing market in the world, slowly ushering in the Third Wave and innovating along the way.