Do People Who Order Straight Black Coffee Deserve Their Own Line At The Coffee Shop?

Are separate lines the solution, or a recipe for chaos? Read the brewing controversy and share your thoughts!

Puzzled barista behind the counter of a coffee shop with a long queue

Last Updated on December 19, 2023

Coffee shops have become the battleground for an age-old conflict: the war between purists and customizers. In one corner, you have the straight black coffee drinkers, who sip the nectar of the gods in its purest form. In the other, you have the customizers who prefer their coffee with extra pumps of flavor, plant-based milk, and a specific ice-to-liquid ratio.

Woman enjoying a fancy pink drink from Starbucks

But can these two groups coexist peacefully in the same line? Or should we, as a society, make a stand and create separate lines for the sake of efficiency?

I guess that’s our “queue” to begin the debate…

The Reddit Post that Sparked the Revolution

A brave Redditor proposed the creation of a separate line at coffee shops for those who simply want a cup of black coffee. Their reasoning is simple: black coffee drinkers are tired of waiting behind the customizers, who take an eternity to place their order. They demand their own line, which would streamline the process and get everyone caffeinated faster.

Benefits of the Black Coffee Line

The black coffee line comes with several advantages. First, it would allow coffee shops to serve more people, quicker. The black coffee devotees could be in and out in a matter of seconds, freeing up space in the regular line for the customizers to deliberate over their unique concoctions.

Second, it would encourage black coffee enthusiasts to frequent their favorite coffee shop, knowing they could zip in and out with minimal hassle. The prospect of a fast, no-fuss experience might even convert a few customizers to the world of unadulterated caffeine bliss.

Lastly, with a separate line for straight black coffee, baristas could focus on preparing the more complicated orders in the regular line, boosting efficiency and, hopefully, customer satisfaction.

Customers in a good mood chat with barista woman at a coffee shop

The Potential Backlash

While the idea of a separate line for black coffee drinkers has its merits, there’s no denying that it could create some tension in the coffee community. Some might argue that it promotes a divide between coffee drinkers or even elitism among the black coffee purists. Additionally, smaller coffee shops may struggle to implement separate lines due to space constraints, and baristas would need to keep an eye on both lines to ensure no one is taking advantage of the system.

People on the street queue to get into a coffee shop
When the lineups spill into the street, maybe it’s time to consider separate lines?

You can see how contentious the discussion became on Reddit. One Redditor argued:

“You’re not a special customer for ordering black coffee. You don’t deserve another line, there’s multiple reasons a separate line never organically came to be in most businesses. If you wait, many places will hand off your black coffee at the counter as soon as you’ve paid, versus waiting for your order with everyone else.”

Then came the counterpoint:

“At the same time, consider businesses that offer express checkout lines for customer with less than 10 items. Similar concept, right? You wouldn’t say they aren’t a special customer for not buying a lot of items and don’t deserve their own line.”

Then there was the Redditor who followed the money:

“Most black coffee is dispensed by the cashier rather than the barista, meaning you’re already skipping the line when it comes to prep. Your system means the shop needs to have two cashiers. Labor cost of one cashier will often mean it’s not worth it for the business.”

Won’t someone please think of the Starbucks shareholders!

Time for a Coffee Talk

The debate over separate lines for black coffee drinkers is a heated one, and opinions are as varied as the customizations on a venti mocha frappuccino. While there are undeniable benefits to the proposal, the potential drawbacks cannot be ignored. So, what do you think? Should we embrace the great divide in the name of efficiency, or should we continue to stand united, shoulder-to-shoulder, in our shared love of caffeine? Grab your favorite coffee and let the debate begin on our Facebook page!

There once was a line for black brew,
Where purists stood, a small crew,
They said, "Quick, no fuss,"
But others did cuss,
As the coffee debate just grew.

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