Quick Mill Anita vs. Rocket Appartamento: Which Should You Choose?

If you prize aesthetics most, the Appartamento wins. But for us it comes to best all-around performance, and that's the Quick Mill Anita.

Split image showing the Quick Mill Anita Evo on the left and the Rocket Appartamento on the right

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Last Updated on December 9, 2023

As an espresso lover, you’re probably wondering why you should settle for a base consumer machine when your skills and taste have earned an upgrade. We agree, and that’s why we’re comparing two prosumer semiautomatic machines that are best in class.

Are they suitable for your kitchen?

You bet, and you can’t go wrong with either the Quick Mill Anita or the Rocket Appartamento at their price point. Let’s deep dive into what each offers.

Quick Mill Anita overview

Quick Mill Anita espresso machine

The Anita is a redesigned offering from Italian manufacturer Quick Mill. Built with exacting craftsmanship in Milan, Quick Mill machines are known for their reliability and ease of use. The Anita, known as the Anita Evo since its redesign, packs commercial power and durability in a compact, intuitive prosumer model.

If you’re buying for a small office or cafe, the Anita can hold its own as long as you’re willing to forego direct-connect machines. It can deliver up to 20 espresso shots per hour, making it ideal for a lower volume of handcrafted drinks.


The Anita sports a stainless steel housing and steel frame that will hold up to years of use.

It features fully articulated, commercial-style steam and water wands with rubberized grips. The steam wand has a four-hole .9mm tip for faster steaming.

The Anita comes with single and double commercial chrome-plated brass portafilters.


The Anita uses a heat exchanger system that brews and steams simultaneously. Its powerful boiler sends perfectly heated water to the brew head for your shot. If you’re craving a cappuccino, you can froth your milk without waiting.

The design includes automatic pre-infusion for each extraction, so you’ll enjoy a smoother, richer taste.

The Anita has an insulated 1.6-liter copper boiler that maintains a constant temperature and conserves energy. The insulation helps prevent internal and external overheating, protecting components and your counter.

Like other models in its class, the Anita uses a vibration pump. Its Ulka 52 pump has built-in protection against overheating.


The machine takes about 20 minutes to reach brew temperature from off. Once heated, it will maintain temperature. You can leave it powered on or use an appliance timer to conserve energy and ensure a coffee-ready morning.

Separate boiler and pump pressure gauges on the front panel mean you can time your brewing and steaming to perfection. The boiler has a controller that regulates pressure by turning on heating if the pressure drops.

Ease of use

The Anita’s intuitive operation delivers a sumptuous espresso without fuss on those rushed mornings. The three-way power switch has a convenient boiler-only setting, which you can use to fill the boiler without heating it.

It has a large water tank with a hinged cover for in-place refilling and a warning indicator for a low water level. If the level drops, the unit cuts boiler power but leaves the pump powered so you can finish a pull.

Other thoughtful features include a large, removable drip tray and a side access port for adjusting boiler pressure.


The Anita’s stainless steel housing and front controls give it a sleek, futuristic look. Linear and compact, it means business in your kitchen.

Rocket Appartamento overview

Rocket Appartamento espresso machine

The Rocket Appartamento is handmade in Italy. Cheaper and smaller than Rocket’s other models, the aptly named Appartamento targets apartment dwellers who want bold performance and style in a compact footprint.

Rocket lowered the Appartamento by nearly 2 inches and narrowed it by 1.5 inches. If you live or work in a small space, this model will deliver premium drinks without crowding your counter.


Like the Anita, the Appartamento features rugged stainless steel housing and a steel frame.

The machine comes with commercial chrome-plated brass single and double portafilters. It will take a bottomless portafilter, which can help you fine tune your extraction.

The machine has articulated steam and hot water wands, and its patented no-burn steam wand stays cool except for the tip.

The two-hole tip steams more slowly than a four-hole wand but preserves boiler capacity. If you enjoy cappuccinos or macchiatos, you’ll find it a good balance.


Like the Anita, the Appartamento uses a heat exchanger system for simultaneous brewing and steaming. It has a heated group head and mechanical pre-infusion.

It has a vibration pump and a 1.8-liter copper boiler for stable heat retention. The boiler is not insulated, which makes it a bit louder than insulated models.


You’ll wait about 30 minutes for the machine to heat to prime brew temperature. If you’re pulling multiple shots, allow 30 seconds between each.

A single pressure gauge lets you keep an eye on the boiler. If you want to measure brew pressure, you’ll need to buy an external unit.

Ease of use

Although you remove the water tank to refill it, it holds a substantial 2.25 liters. The machine has a small drip tray that needs frequent emptying and a passive cup warmer with plastic rails. You can purchase metal rails, but we think they should have been stock at this price point.

The Appartamento comes with a quality metal tamper and handy instructions on a flash drive.


The Appartamento’s gorgeous, timeless design will enhance your decor from steampunk to classic. It has engraved steam and hot water spouts and a gleaming side with cutouts in various colors, including black and copper.

Quick Mill Anita vs. Rocket Appartamento: Key differences

As these machines are similar, you’ll find the differences in the details. The Anita offers faster steaming and more heating power at 1400 watts vs. the Appartamento’s 1200 watts. The Appartamento’s large boiler and two-hole tip mean you can steam milk longer and better finesse your microfoam.

The Anita has an insulated boiler, which is also coated to help prevent metal leaching. It’s also somewhat quieter.

The Anita has brew group and boiler pressure gauges, whereas the Appartamento has a single boiler pressure gauge.


The Rocket Appartamento comes with an impressive three-year warranty vs. the Anita’s one-year coverage. Quick Mill has a reputation for excellent customer service and available parts, which may not help if your machine breaks in year two.


If aesthetics is one of your tie-breakers, the Appartamento is the lovelier machine. It’s slightly smaller than the Anita, and its head-turning design will add style to the tiniest kitchen.


The Anita has the larger drip tray. If you’re eyeing an under-cabinet spot for your new machine, the Appartamento has a removable cup guard for extra clearance. It also comes with a metal tamper.

By the numbers

Quick Mill AnitaRocket Appartamento
Dimensions15.75" H, 11.5" W, 18.25" D14.25" H, 10.5" W, 17" D
Weight47 pounds44 pounds
Brew boiler wattage1400 watts1200 watts
Boiler1.6-liter copper heat exchanger1.8-liter copper heat exchanger with brass end plates
Portafilter58mm chrome-plated brass58mm chrome-plated brass
Water tank capacity3 liters2.25 litres
Warranty1 year3 years

What the two machines have in common

Both machines are semiautomatics with manual dosing. Using a lever and your barista skills, you start and stop the brewing for fine control over your pull.

Commercial-grade group head

Both models use the patented E-61 brew group. The E-61 has two high-end features that elevate your shots to craft coffeehouse standards. First, continuous water circulation between the group head and boiler keeps the temperature stable.

The second is pre-infusion, which wets the grounds and extracts espresso evenly for best taste. The Appartamento ups the game by adding dual pre-infusion to enrich your cup.

Powerful brewing and steaming

Both machines have a copper heat exchanger boiler that provides heat for brewing and steaming simultaneously. This convenience frees you to focus on your cappuccino instead of the clock.

The boiler pressure gauge on each model means you can tell at a glance when the boiler’s ready.

Both have a double-walled steam wand to give you time to wipe off milk without burning your fingers. They both have a hot water spigot for anytime tea or Americanos.

Both machines have user-friendly features such as intuitive controls and roomy cup warmers.

Which machine should you buy?

Both machines are tops in this class and will provide you years of superb performance in a compact footprint.

The Anita delivers features not seen at this price point. The insulated boiler and dual pressure gauges give you extra control, heat stability, and peace of mind. If you’re an exacting barista, you’ll savor this edge.

The Anita’s boiler heats faster on power-up and reheats sooner between uses than the Appartamento.

The Anita also steams milk more quickly, but the Appartamento can produce more milk drinks before exhausting its 60-ounce capacity. If you value steam power over speed, you may favor the Appartamento.

The Anita edges out the Appartamento in user-friendly features such as in-place water tank refilling and a large drip tray.

If you prize aesthetics, the Appartamento wins. Both machines add class to your kitchen, but the Appartamento is downright beautiful. It’s also slightly smaller for tight spaces.

For us, it comes down to the best all-around performer. While the Appartamento is an excellent choice, the Anita serves exceptional value in a thoughtful package. As a dedicated barista, you’ll appreciate it with every cup you brew.

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