Smoke rises from freshly roasted coffee beans

How To Degas Freshly Roasted Coffee

Fresh is best, right? Well, fresh is good, but with coffee you need to give a little time after roasting to let carbon dioxide escape.

A macchiato from Stumptown Coffee Roasters

What Is A Macchiato?

The Italian word macchiato means “stained” or “marked.” This could mean an espresso stained with just a touch of milk, or milk stained with just a touch of espresso.

Daisy del Carmen Reyes of San Carlos II Cooperative checks out a plant loaded with mature coffee beans in Oscicala, Morazan, El Salvador.

The Types Of Coffee Beans You Should Know About

Four types of coffee beans are currently sold on the world markets: Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa. Bright Arabica is the coffee that’s used most. Hearty Robusta is also popular.

Trying to choose between latte and mocha

What Separates A Latte From A Mocha?

If you’re the type who usually sticks with a straight cup of coffee, those fancy drinks may all look the same to you. Here’s how you tell a latte from a mocha.

A sack of coffee beans stamped with the word Java

Why Is Coffee Called Java?

When the colonial Dutch decided to cultivate their own coffee, they chose a tiny island in what is now Indonesia.

Espresso in a white ceramic cup

Learn How To Drink Espresso The Italian Way

For millions of people, the word espresso signifies little more than an extra boost of caffeine. That’s a shame, as it is one of the purest and most flavorful coffee experiences you can have.

Blonde roast coffee beans on a white plate

What Is A Blonde Roast?

Starbucks has popularized the term “blonde roast” in recent years. It’s a less misleading term for what used to be called “cinnamon roast” coffee.

Coffee farm panorama

Where Does Coffee Come From?

Here’s what you need to know about coffee’s history, geography, biology, and the food systems that bring it to you.

French roast coffee beans

What Is French Roast Coffee?

The English came up with the name, and it has nothing to do with where the beans were grown. Here’s all you need to know about French roast coffee.