A Nespresso machine punctures holes in the end of the capsule.

Is A Nespresso Machine A Sustainable Choice?

We asked our environmentally conscious writer to take a deep dive into Nespresso sustainability claims. She was surprised by what she found. Maybe you will be, too.

Patrons outside a caffe in Turin, Italy

Your Guide To Italian Coffee Culture

Italian coffee culture remains mired in tradition, and unflinchingly set in its ways. The ideal that coffee is a staple in Italian life and should remain affordable means little has changed.

Sidewalk tables and chairs outside a Caffe Nero espresso bar in London

Your Guide To British Coffee Culture

British coffee culture is much less hampered by tradition than it is elsewhere in Europe. This has allowed them to ride current trends and more deftly adapt to a changing landscape, placing them at the forefront of the artisanal coffee revolution in Europe.

A shiny glass Chemex sitting on a kitchen counter

A Guide To Cleaning Your Chemex

As cool as it looks, the Chemex’s hourglass shape can make it challenging to clean. Here are some tips to keep that glass sparking.

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11 Of The Best Coffee Scenes From Movies

We encourage coffee scenes in movies whenever they can be squeezed into the script. Here, movie podcaster Jordan Bowman rounds up his 11 favorites.