Our Picks For The Best Coffee Kickstarters Of 2020

Even as the economy has been on the ropes due to the pandemic, sales of coffee gear are alive and kicking. So is innovation in coffee products.

It’s true whenever and wherever people have a passion for a science, an art, a technology or an idea—and it’s certainly true about this year’s best coffee Kickstarter campaigns. To survive the challenges of 2020, companies have been more nimble than usual. Those who have managed to gift the world with some valuable new innovation have gone the extra mile to do so.

In previous years, we’ve seen many coffee-brewing pioneers come and go. Some have become household names, others have fallen through the cracks of popular consciousness. But they have all brought something special to the world of coffee brewing.

Previous year: Best Coffee Kickstarters of 2019

As we say goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021, Bean Poet is proud to present our 2020 Coffee Kickstarter Awards for outstanding coffee-related Kickstarter projects. All these projects have wowed coffee fans with their game-changing ideas to meet their fundraising goals.

Here are our picks for 2020…

Top 7 Best Coffee Kickstarters of 2020

ARCO 2-in-1 Coffee Grinder

Few things are more critical to the brewing process than the grind. With the ARCO 2-in-1 Grinder, it’s your choice: You can plug in the device and grind your beans with ease, or you can detach part of it and take it with you as a hand grinder that gives you a supremely precise grind.

But the ARCO grinder does more than give you the option of grinding by hand or by electric power. It does so with a one of a kind grind-setting system that allows you to choose just how coarse or how fine you want your beans to be. Choose from 30 grind settings with an easy turn of a dial. Even that is not all ARCO has up its sleeve. On any of these settings, it promises absolute uniformity in your grind for consistent flavor that’s second to none.

The Slovenia-based project has over 1,500 backers and has raised over half a million dollars. If that doesn’t inspire confidence, we don’t know what will.

Trinity Zero

This unique product makes high-quality coffee brewing more portable than ever, and it does so in a way that is environmentally conscious. The Trinity Zero is a brew press that fits in your hand and can produce a high-quality cup of coffee in about 60 seconds.

To produce this product, Mark Folker and his team had to completely re-imagine the brewing process. While the brewing method is similar in many ways to that of the much-loved AeroPress, the Trinity Zero somehow manages to make the AeroPress look bulky and cumbersome. Imagine that!

With its own internal stainless steel filter, it eliminates the need for disposable coffee filters completely. That means all you need for a hot, delicious cup with Trinity Zero is your grind and hot water.

The Australia-based project has 489 backers and has raised more than 3x their goal of $10,000.



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The VSSL Java grinder or “Vessel,” does one thing and one thing only, and it does it supremely well. It’s a portable, handheld, coffee bean grinder designed for the outdoors. It is small, elegant, convenient, and delivers a grind that is expertly consistent.

The Canadian team behind the VSSL are avid hikers, campers, and outdoors persons. As such, they found that there were too few ways to brew a satisfactory cup of coffee out in the rough. That’s why they developed a device that grinds and stores beans in a small and handsome package.

The VSSL is made from aircraft-grade aluminum for extreme durability, and its signature innovation is a grind handle that doubles as a carabiner for easy attachment to your backpack.

The project has nearly 2,500 backers and has exceeded its $25,000 goal by $353,579.

Pourx Oura

This device is as unique as it is well-suited for high-quality brewing. The Pourx Oura is a coffee scale that uses advanced technology to make pour-over brewing with supreme accuracy very simple. You choose a brewing recipe, and then the Oura’s special algorithmic sensor guides you through the brewing process.

A color-coded light around the perimeter of the scale tells you exactly how much to pour and when. Green means pour. Red means stop. White means your brew is ready.

Its smartphone app tracks exactly what you are doing, and allows you to record your own improvisations to the brewing method. You can copy your recipes and send them to friends, and the Oura will guide them just as easily through your process.

The Taiwan-based team behind the Pourx have an enthusiastic 295 backers who have contributed $47,450.

GoSun Brew

The GoSun Brew is a portable French press, heater, and insulated steel cup all in one package that fits nicely in your hand. It is simple, attractive, and very useful. With it, you can brew coffee, tea, or cocoa when you’re totally off the grid—without starting a fire or burning any fuel.

The GoSun Brew’s heating element is powered with a cable that attaches to the brand’s own solar-driven power bank. Using this power bank, which is the size of a small portable hard drive, not only can you power the GoSun portable brewer anywhere but you can power other mobile devices as well. GoSun also has portable solar panels that can re-charge the power bank. It all fits together in a convenient carrying case.

The Brew itself can be used to heat soup or anything else you care to take with you to work, on a hike, a long road trip, just a lazy day in the park, or wherever you fare.

At present, the San Francisco based project has 554 backers and has raised $129,791. That’s $117,791 above its original goal of $12,000. Not every Kickstarter has that much enthusiasm behind it, but we think you’ll agree that this is something special—and a sign of things to come.

The Morning Machine


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The Morning Machine is all about convenient, high-quality brewing at home. Like the popular Nespresso and Keurig machines, this device brews from capsules that you insert into the brewer. But unlike other capsule machines, the Morning Machine recognizes that every coffee is different and allows you to play barista by adjusting a number of brewing variables.

Imagine if a Nespresso machine allowed you to tweak the water temperature or brew time with every single brew. That’s what you get with the Morning Machine. And it is compatible with Nespresso’s original capsules.

Better still, you can activate and adjust these settings from a smartphone app. You can start your morning coffee from bed before you even reach the kitchen counter. This is no set-and-forget dummy brewer—it’s a high-quality machine with countless refined settings to suit your tastes, your mood and your coffee.

The Singapore-based team has 318 backers who have contributed more than $150,000. If it catches on, it could be a very smart investment for people who want more control over their capsule coffee.

Chestnut X Coffee Grinder

The team behind this unique coffee grinder has turned out many impressive innovations in brewing. This time, they have produced what might be the only manual coffee grinder you will ever need.

The Chestnut X is a hand grinder with a folding handle and patented burrs for ultimate precision. TIMEMORE, the company behind the Chestnut X, designed the burrs themselves with the aim of reducing chaff and producing uniform particles. They appear to have achieved both. The grinder’s small size and folding handle will also make it one of the most portable grinders on the market. It should hold its own in any artisanal coffee shop, and easily justify its pack weight on a camping trip.

The project has just 152 enthusiastic backers who have helped the Chestnut team surpass their goal of $30,000 by more than $7,000.

Our congratulations go to the seven coffee innovators who have made our list this year. We look forward to trying these promising devices as much as we look forward to next year’s top coffee innovators!