Stainless steel coffee pot on an Oster coffee maker

How To Clean Your Stainless Steel Coffee Pot

Stainless steel makes for a durable carafe that will keep your coffee warm, but you’ll want to follow these tips for cleaning your stainless steel coffee pot.

An upside-down Technivorm coffee carafe with a crack in the glass

How To Fix A Crack In Your Coffee Pot

This particular mishap can make for a devastating morning, so let’s learn how to fix a cracked coffee pot—and prevent cracks from happening in the first place.

Nespresso Aeroccino4 electric milk frother

The Best Electric Milk Frothers

Frothing milk at home can save you a lot of money over buying cappuccinos and lattes at a coffee shop, but you need the right tool for it.

A pressurized portafilter for brewing espresso.

What Is A Pressurized Portafilter?

A pressurized portafilter distinguishes itself from a non-pressurized portafilter by adding extra pressure immediately after coffee extraction. It does this through a design that features a basket with a two-layer bottom.

A shattered coffee cup in the final scene of the movie The Usual Suspects

11 Of The Best Coffee Scenes From Movies

We encourage coffee scenes in movies whenever they can be squeezed into the script. Here, movie podcaster Jordan Bowman rounds up his 11 favorites.